Spirals: Design for Living

About a year ago, I designed a new logo for my plan to write about aging gracefully.  In the meantime, I found that I had very little to say about that topic, not experiencing much grace with the aging in my life or with those around me. I did love my logo though, a spiral, pink and gold, suggesting a seashell, a snail, a labyrinth.

Sprial Inspiration -- MaryGunderson.com

Over the last year, I’ve come back to this image, mesmerized. The spiral is one of nature’s genius designs. I’ve found there’s a discipline that celebrates the spiral.  It’s called biomimicry and it’s for innovators and problems solvers. We’re all problem solvers even if the label innovator doesn’t seem to fit. The theory is this: systems in nature reveal form and process for solving problems: a challenge presents itself. Trial and error bring about a solution that must be evaluated on its merits.  That may create a whole other set of challenges and the process repeats, without end.

I’m learning more about biomimicry (there’s a terrific reading list here). I want to find out where this spiral can take me.

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